Request a Presentation & Contact Information

Faculty & Staff

Though a notification seven-days in advance is preferred, the service for faculty and staff also includes "substitute teaching" in the case of illness. Please contact us as soon as you know you will need to miss a class!


Requests must be made seven days in advance.

How to Contact the Absent Professor Program

Send an email to the director, Michael Frizell:

Please include the following information:

  • Your name or the name of the organization
  • The date of the presentation
  • The name of the presentation requested (see the links as there are several variations)
  • The requested length of the presentation (i.e. 45 or 70 minutes). For night classes, please include the required length and general topics.
  • The class being covered, including code and number for the event for which this presentation will be featured
  • The size of the class or expected number in attendance
  • The location of the class or event


The Director will contact you promptly. Due to a limited budget and availability, we may not be able to grant every request, though all attempts will be made!

Contact information

Michael Frizell, Director of Student Learning Services
Office: 417-836-5006
Bear CLAW: 417-576-8557