Absent Professor Program

Hello, Faculty, Staff, and Students at MSU!

Will you need to miss a class this semester?

Would you like your class to hear about the Bear CLAW and the services offered there?

Could your course benefit from supplemental workshops on study skills, basic writing, or citation methods?

Operating as part of the Bear CLAW (Center for Learning and Writing), the Absent Professor Program provides effective workshops by either substituting for faculty who cannot attend class or by providing workshops focusing on student success that supplement course material. 

Refer students for assistance with new online form

It’s the second week of the semester and you are concerned about a student who is missing class a lot or struggling academically.  What can you do? Use the new Academic Care Team Referral Form to send an alert. The sooner we intervene with the student the quicker we can offer help.

The goal of this new faculty referral form is to initiate prompt communication and effective intervention with students who are experiencing academic difficulties. The referral form should be used for first- and second-year undergraduate students only.

Reasons to refer a student:

  • Poor attendance and/or consistent tardiness
  • Consistently unprepared for class
  • Missed, late or incomplete assignments
  • Missed exams
  • Poor performance on exams or assignments
  • Needs to address study skills or time management
  • Academic difficulty due to issues outside the classroom

After submitting the form, your report will be forwarded to the Academic Care Team, who will offer targeted academic assistance to the student. In some cases, we will contact the student and recommend meeting with you directly. In other cases, we will recommend academic services such as the BearCLAW or an academic coach. We recommend sharing with your student that you have made this referral.

For information about the referral form, contact Dr. Kelly Wood, The Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST), 836-8343 or CAST@missouristate.edu.