Absent Professor Program

Hello, Faculty, Staff, and Students at MSU!

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Will you need to miss a class this semester?

Would you like your class to hear about the Bear CLAW and the services offered there?

Could your course benefit from supplemental workshops on study skills, basic writing, or citation methods?

Operating as part of the Bear CLAW (Center for Learning and Writing), the Absent Professor Program provides effective workshops by either substituting for faculty who cannot attend class or by providing workshops focusing on student success that supplement course material. The program benefits students by utilizing top scholarship recipients to guide struggling students on the skills necessary to navigate their major.

The Absent Professor Program at Missouri State University has a Two-Fold Mission:


1) Trained prefects conduct workshops for departments, organizations, and classes with the goal of equipping students with indispensable tools for success in college and in their career.

2) Prefects provide guidance, leadership and training to the Peer Educators and Learning Coaches, students on scholarship fulfilling their service hour commitment in the Bear CLAW.

As a recipient of the Presidential, Governors, or Multicultural Leadership scholarships, students are required to complete 120 hours of service to the campus or community during their first three years in order to renew their scholarship for their senior year. Sixty of those hours may be conducted on campus in the Bear CLAW (Center for Learning and Writing). When a student has reached 30 hours, they can serve as either Peer Educators or Learning Coaches as part of the Group-Led Education Experience (GLEE) Program. These positions are an excellent opportunity for students to enhance and add value to their experience at MSU in ways that will benefit themselves and others in a way that is consistent with the University's public affairs mission.

Peer Educators work closely with faculty in specific class sections and conduct study sessions over course material.

Learning Coaches work as study skills specialists in the Bear CLAW by manning drop-in tables for students seeking advice on how to study in the content fields.

For more information, including an application, see the Employment page.

Creating an Absent Professor Program

Michael Frizell, Director, presented a breakout session for the 7th Annual International Conference on Supplemental Instruction on Thursday, May 31 in San Diego, CA. The session, titled "Creating an 'Absent Professor Program' to Support Your SI Program," can be found by clicking here for the PowerPoint version and here for the pdf file.

Retention & Student Learning: Everybody's Business!

Click here for the presentation in PowerPoint format.

Click here for the presentation in PDF format.